Date Issued:           September 23, 2007
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September 23rd 2007
Dear Igbere Sons and Daughters,
Letter to all Igbere sons and daughters in Diaspora

On September 1st and 2nd Igbere sons and daughters met in Atlanta, Georgia,
USA, under the auspices of Igbere Progressive Association International (IPAI) for
"IPAI Convention 2007", (Ezumezu 2007 in Diaspora).

We deliberated, and voted on many issues of common benefit to every Igbere
person and our community; the house also debated, amended the IPAI final draft
constitution as presented by the outgoing IPAI Caretaker Committee, and voted
unanimously to adopt the amended draft constitution. A ratified copy of the IPAI
constitution is hereby attached.

The first Executive Committee and Board members of IPAI were elected in
accordance with the constitution. The elected Executive Committee members are
Chief Michael C. K. Awa (President), Mr. Saul Onyeuku (Vice President), Mr.
Ukaegbu Ukaegbu (Secretary), Mr. Leonard Ibeka (Publicity Secretary), Mr. Emeka
Ejieke (Financial Secretary), Mrs. Ezinne Ogbureke (Treasurer) and Mr. Okorie
Uzor-Nsiegbe (Provost). The elected members of Board of Directors are Chief Eme
Onyeuku (Chairman of the Board), Dr. Kalu Ogbureke (Secretary of the Board),
Mr. Udemgba A. Igu. Mr. Agbai Ekperi, Mr. Peter A. Imaa, Dr. Ugwa Ogbureke, and
Chief Esse Esse. Furthermore, the standing committees' members as required by
the constitution have been constituted accordingly.

It is worthy of note that 90 percent of the members of the standing committee were
volunteers and 10 percent appointed. This is an indication of our enthusiasm and
willingness to make IPAI a success. The President thanks you all. For a complete
schedule and list of the various committees' please click on "Contact Us" on our
website .

In the spirit of oneness and brotherhood that has been the bedrock of Igbere
community, the Executive Committee was authorized to write this letter to all sons
and daughters of Igbere in Diaspora and urge everyone to identify with or become
an active member of IPAI. The great success of the IPAI Convention 2007 in
Atlanta Georgia was a history well made.

Therefore, it is imperative that we provide adequate information about IPAI and
also appeal to every Igbere person in Diaspora to join IPAI in accordance with IPAI
constitution (Ref. ARTICLE III: Sections 1 & 2). We do understand that some of us
could not attend the IPAI Convention 2007 in Atlanta Georgia due either to
scheduling conflicts or circumstances. We missed your presence, contribution of
ideas and resources, but the opportunity to participate is not lost as we are all
invited to become active members because IPAI belongs to every Igbere sons and
daughters in Diaspora as specified in the IPAI constitution.

The Executive Committee is looking forward to every one's active membership, role
and to work with you. Unity is paramount to our success. Please be a proud
member of IPAI. We encourage every Igbere person to read the constitution. You
are encouraged to join your local chapter and if you do not have a chapter/branch
yet, please let the Membership and Outreach Committee or Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu,
the IPAI Secretary know.

General information pertaining to IPAI or relevant to Igbere is always available at
our website . Some special information\\ill be disseminated to IPAI
members by Mr. Leonard Ibeka, the IPAI Publicity Secretary or via our official
e-mail . We encourage you to join and maintain your IPAI
membership to receive this privileged information and be part of IPAI growth, and
the development of Igbere. You will be glad you did.

This letter is intended for every Igbere person in Diaspora. Therefore, we ask you
to acknowledge its receipt as soon as possible, through no matter
how you received it (i.e. whether it was sent directly or forwarded or printed or
even read to you). If you know any Igberian in Diaspora who has not received this
letter directly, please provide us with the appropriate email contact to enable us
forward this letter to such individual(s). If you do not have an email address we
encourage you to extend your regular postal address to the IPAI Secretary to
ensure that you receive the hard copy of this particular letter.

Should you have any concerns, inquiries or comments feel free to contact us.

Yours in Service

Ukaegbu Ukaegbu
IPAI General Secretary

Michael C. K. Awa
IPAI Executive President
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