Chief Daniel Eke (Onwa 1 of Igbere)
Chief Launcher at the gala nite party
Atlanta 2007               Preview
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Chief Smart Ukoha
(Ugwu Mba I of Igbere)
(Co-Launcher at the Gala Nite of
IPAI Convention 2007 in Atlanta)
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The full video content of Ezumezu
2007 in Diaspora featuring
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It is distributed only as a set to
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We encourage every Igbere person
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Full Video available only to 'Ndi
Igbere' and guests to the Atlanta
2007 event.

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Ohuwa Dance Roundup
Ikperikpe Ogu
Fund Raising
Debate 2
Debate 1
Igbere Ezumezu 2005, Part 2
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