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Happy Thanksgiving !

In my search for the meaning of Thanksgiving Day I found these two from
Microsoft book shelves.
  1. The fourth Thursday of November, observed as a legal holiday in the
    United States to commemorate the feast held at Plymouth in 1621 by
    the Pilgrim colonists and members of the Wampanoag people and
    marked by the giving of thanks to God for harvest and health.
  2. The second Monday of October, celebrated in Canada by the giving
    of thanks to God for harvest and health.

The above definitions also can be compared with our new yam festivals (iri
ndi or ji) in our communities during which our people celebrate and give
thanks to God for the new harvest and good health.   The Thanksgiving
Day provides us the opportunity to review our past in relation to the fruit of
our labor and state of health.  It is a time to share and show love to one
another and promote unity.  Most importantly it is a time to give thanks to
God for allowing us to live a life of dependence on Him and for his endless
love and care for us.  

As the Thanksgiving Day ushers in the holiday season that include
Christmas and New Year celebration, may we never forget the needs of
the less privileged in our midst.  It is time for us not only to intensify our
efforts but to continue to share our love individually and collectively in our
communities.  Let us remember that “do nothing option” serves no purpose
and mostly helps no one.  The benefit we all derive from one another is the
service or help we render to each other.  God always loves a cheerful

As we conclude plans in our families to celebrate and enjoy ourselves may
we never loose sight of those that cannot plan for themselves. For
example, the sick ones in Igbere community and  health centers thereof
who may depend on our little efforts for them to live.  

It is never too early or too urgent to provide medical assistance to those
that need it.  Neither is it rushing if we provide medical assistance to
Igbere people in our ancestral homeland now. Let us all remember that
time waits for no one.  The earlier we do something the higher the chance
to save our selves from regret of “had we acted earlier and swiftly this
might not have happened”.

My prayer is God to protect each and everyone of us as we celebrate and
share our love.  May God continue to help us not only to live for our selves
but for others especially when we still have the strength to do so.  I belief
that the most effective prayer is the one said by someone else on our
behalf especially when we do not know the person that said the prayer.  

May we continue to allow our efforts to be sources of joy and smiles on
other peoples’ lives and faces, respectively.  As Zig Ziglar said “You can
have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people
get what they want”.  May God continue to bless and keep us all.  I wish
everyone happy thanksgiving. Also merry Christmas and happy New Year
in advance.

Please continue to be a proud member of IPAI.

Michael. C. K. Awa
Executive President, IPAI
From the President’s Desk
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