July 31st, 2008 is the DEADLINE for submission of Ad request for
publication in the 2nd Edition of Igbere Mirror Magazine.

Special rate offer to IPAI members is
$100 for a full page.

Sunny Uche Onwuka

For details read the article below!

Introducing "Igbere Mirror Magazine"

The IGBERE MIRROR     MAGAZINE came into being at Igbere Ebiri Ezumezu 2005. The
magazine is aimed at    showcasing our great town to the world and also share great      
experiences of our people and find avenues to encourage our young ones on the way to

This publication is one of the projects started by a committee of our sons and daughters
based in our home town and various cites in Nigeria. The next edition of the magazine
comes up during Igbere Ebiri Ezumezu 2008. Presently, the coordinators are gathering
materials and conducting interviews for the next publication. Please click on the
following links to read formal introductory letter and Ad rate of the next edition.
Letter of Introduction (pdf)

* Advertisement Rate (pdf)
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