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The "letter to all Igbere Sons and Daughters in
Diaspora" dispatched via e-mail on Sep. 23rd, 2007 has
been published for the benefit of those whose contact
info is not updated or unavailable to us. Click on
September 23, 2007 Communique to read. Please
update your contact information with IPAI Secretary.
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Movie Premiere
IPAI Convention 2007
"Ezumezu ndi Igbere"

...promoting the development
and progress of Igbere
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the Video Premiere!
Happy Anniversary
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Message by IPAI Executive President Chief Mike Awa  (bio)
The great members of Igbere Progressive Association International, Inc (IPAI), elders,
brothers and sisters, September 1, 2008 marks the first year anniversary of IPAI.  Life
is too short, who could easily believe that a year has passed after our great convention
in Atlanta, Georgia last year (September 1-2, 2007). I believe that these dates would
remain remarkable in our lives because of our determination not only to be part of
history but also to make positive contribution(s) to Igbere.
(L - R): Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu, Mr. Solomon Ikwechegh, Mr. Oko Igbokwe and Chief Mike Awa
Most of the time it appears easier to create, form, or bring into being than to nurture,
maintain, improve or keep the initial spirit level alive and progressive.  The Executive
Committee members are fully aware of these difficulties and instead of being
discouraged are determined to lay a great foundation.
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L-R: Ukaegbu Ukaegbu, Solomon Ikwechegh, Oko Igbokwe, Mike Awa (Biography)
At the IPAI Convention 2007 held in Atlanta, Georgia, the first Executive Committee
members and Board of Directors were elected and inaugurated as provided in the
adopted and ratified IPAI constitution - presented by the members of Caretaker
Committee that worked so hard and smart to execute the assignments given to them
in Houston during the first Igbere people in Diaspora convention in 2005.
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