The Treasurer of IPAI who is also the Secretary of Southeast Chapter, Mrs. Ezinne Ihuoma
Ogbureke, on behalf of Southeast Chapter, expresses appreciation to “Ndi Igbere n’ile” that
made our last reunion a huge success.

Special thanks to the families of Chief Eme Onyeuku, and Mr. Emeka Ejike. They worked
tirelessly to undertake the logistics required to actualize Atlanta 2007.

More so, thanks to Chisom Onyeuku who volunteered as the resident chauffeur, ferrying
delegates back and forth to the hotel on the night of Friday August 31st, 2007, even though that
night coincided with his 18th birthday.

The Friday night meeting at Onyeuku’s residence turned out to be a banquet. The atmosphere
was lively. Igbere people were happy to meet one another. There were hugs, jokes, laughter,
and cheers as delegates arrive unannounced. The memories of that day will not be forgotten.
“You made me proud to be an Igbere citizen (by way of Isuikwuato)”, said Ezinne.

The Sunday night (September 2nd, 2007) get-together at Ejieke’s residence by some Igbere
people, though unplanned and not part of official convention program eventually produced the
opportunity for Igbere indigenes to observe their traditional “I’kunyu Oku” rite of Igbere after a
major occasion.

To all who traveled from far and wide to make the occasion memorable, the IPAI Southeast
Chapter is saying thank you for the sacrifices.

More importantly, we thank God immensely for granting us all journey mercies to and from the
convention. “I can't wait for 2009!” according to Ezinne Ogbureke.
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